Our arcade is pay by the hour. It is $6.50 for the first hour and $5.50 for every additional hour. What that means is all of our arcade games are on free play mode and they don’t take any tokens. So, once you pay for that first hour you can play as many games as you’d like.


Laser Tag

Our laser tag is separate and laser tag is $6.50 a session. A session is 25 min from start to finish. Within that session you play 2 games back-to-back. We have more than 20 game types available including 12 different Bonus Modes!


Mini Golf

Mini Golf is separate from the arcade and laser tag. Just $3.50 for all ages. Mini Golf is available Monday- Thursday.


Room Rental

We rent out our party rooms for $25 an hour.


Group Rates

Group Discounts Only Applied when Booked in Advance

  • Groups of 15-24 People 20% Discount
  • Groups of 25-39 People 25% Discount
  • Groups of 30+ 30% Discount


Renting Out EPIC

You can Rent out all of Epic and invite all your friends (up to 100 people) on either a week day, or weekend, depending on availability (usually during our nonoperational hours). We will need to book a Month in advance preferably.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday $300 / hour (all activities included)
  • Friday, Sunday $350 / hour (all activities included)
  • Saturday $450/ hour (all activities included)